Biorbs - Taking the country By Storm

Who knew that we would ever return to hip fashion and good looks when it came to the home aquarium. Well needless to say its back in fashon and ready to roll out for 2008. MAny of us were familiar with regular fish tanks, you know the square and drab things that people would hide in the back of their rooms.

Now we are hit with a cool alternitive that has stars such as Paris Hilton clammering for a new tank in hot pink. While many of us would probably choose a different color we are still left with the question, "What will I fill my tank with?". While we reccommend goldfish for first timers some advanced hobbiests have been known to put some pretty exotic fish species in their Biorbs.

Many stors are out of stock and many of them can't even carry Biorbs in their stores. So how can one get their hands on this hot little item? Simple, look online for Biorbs. You will find a few reputable companies selling them in many different sizes. We found that had the complete selection of Biorbs and all the accessories that go with them.

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